3/8" I.D. - Barriermaster Flavourlock™ Tubing - 500' Spool



Barriermaster Flavourlock™ is engineered to have an exceptional gas barrier layer ensuring no loss of CO2 from your beverage and practically eliminates any O2 ingress into the beverage tube that could promote bacteria growth and off-taste providing excellent hygienic qualities. Independent testing and in-field performance have found Barriermaster™ Flavourlock superior. Nylon was selected as the inner layer due to its ultra-smooth surface. Barriermaster Flavourlock™ is ideal for protection against cross migration of flavors; a barrier layer is co-extruded within the tube wall to stop gas permeation and preserve the beverage aroma and flavor. This line is also available in price by the foot and 500' spools.


  • Barriermaster™ Flavourlock tubing is excellent for use with all beverages
  • Ideal for protection against cross migration of flavors
  • Best CO2/N loss and O2 ingress
  • NSF and FDA certified tubing
  • Available by the foot and 100' spools
  • 3/8" I.D.
  • Restriction: .06 lbs/ft

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