48 Seat Stationary Bottle Tree

Cowboy Craft LLC



  1. お客様による機種の選定、商品代金の決済
  2. 入金確認後、商品手配開始、日本までの輸送費を算出
  3. 最終確定金額の請求書をお客様にご送付
  4. お客様による最終確定金額の決済
  5. 入金確認後、アメリカより商品出荷




The Spin Vinator is an economy sanitizer injector for cleaning and sanitizing bottles. Fill the resevoir with your sanitizer of choice, and place a bottle upside down on the spray arm. A few pumps will spray sanitizer inside the bottle, and because the bottle is inverted it will drain through the bottle neck.  Place the bottle on a bottle tree or in a box to drain, and you are ready to bottle.

The Spin Vinator can be used standalone, or on top of a bottle tree (B509/B510/B516/B517).  The pump unit is similar to our sanitizer injector (B520), but with a smaller resevoir.