5 Spout Bottle Filler - Stainless Steel

Cowboy Craft LLC





The 5 spout stainless steel bottle filler features professional level performance, at a hobbyist price point. It allows you to fill bottles to a consistant level every time, automatically stopping the flow when the liquid reaches the preset level.This is purely a mechanical, gravity flow system. There is no electricity or pumps used.The fill height can be adjusted by varying the height of the float valve, and by adjusting the stainless steel bottle rest.

The 5 spout stainless steel bottle filelr includes a rubber bulb siphon starter to start the flow of wine in the individual spouts. The input tube is 5/8" diameter, you will need 5/8" ID (inside diameter) tubing from your container to the filler. Tubing is not included and must be purchased separately.