Braumeister Low Oxygen Brewing Kit - 20 L

Cowboy Craft LLC



  1. お客様による機種の選定、商品代金の決済
  2. 入金確認後、商品手配開始、日本までの輸送費を算出
  3. 最終確定金額の請求書をお客様にご送付
  4. お客様による最終確定金額の決済
  5. 入金確認後、アメリカより商品出荷




Brew even tastier beers with an accentuated and fresh malt aroma.
The aim of this brewing process is to minimize contact with oxygen during the brewing process during  mashing, cooling and transfer to the fermentation tank. The dissolved oxygen in the water, wort or beer is an indicator of how well this has been achieved. By minimizing the exposure to oxygen, existing flavors in the beer are better preserved and the beer acquires a longer lasting flavor retention and shelf life.
  • Kit with accesories for Low Oxygen Brewing with the Braumeister 20 L
  • Allows mashing and with the BM-Plus also cooling with minimum air and in result oxygen contact
  • With the much higher fixed filter plate it is possible to fill in more malt up to about 15.5 lbs
  • Includes swimming lid, support ring for filter plate and fixing nut