Dual Scale Refractometer with Auto Temperature Correction (Keg King)

Cowboy Craft





A refractometer is used to measure the density of a solution, in our case how much malt sugar is in solution.

Featuring both a Brix scale AND a Specific Gravity Scale which is ideal for satisfying both your beer and wine customers. 

This unit features both a Brix Scale and a Specific Gravity Scale, the scale most homebrewers use.

For Wine: Measure the brix level (sugar level) in your grapes.

For Beer Making: A refractometer allows you take instant gravity readings at any point during the boil, or even during the run off of the sparge during an all-grain brew. This unit allows you to measure in Specific Gravity Scale.

Refractometer Statistics: the unit is hand held with a metal body, flexible eye piece and rubber grip. It features a 0 to 30% Brix scale with .2% resolution and ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation). Traditional refractometers without ATC are calibrated to work at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The ATC function allows you to use the refractometer in an ambient temperature range of 50-86 degrees Fahrenheit (10-30 Celsius.) Because your sample is just one drop, and will quickly adjust to the temperature of the refractometer, the temperature of the sample is irrelevant. Features a manual calibration knob that is secured with a lock nut. To calibrate place one drop of water on the testing platform and adjust to zero if necessary.