Economy Injector for Stationary Bottle Trees

Cowboy Craft LLC



  1. お客様による機種の選定、商品代金の決済
  2. 入金確認後、商品手配開始、日本までの輸送費を算出
  3. 最終確定金額の請求書をお客様にご送付
  4. お客様による最終確定金額の決済
  5. 入金確認後、アメリカより商品出荷




A great add on sale for our Stationary Bottle Trees (see products below).  This matches up with our B511 and B512 Bottle Trees and is a great way to make a complete bottle sanitizing package for your customers.

Sanitizer Injectors are designed to hold a small volume of sanitizer solution and squirt that sanitizer up into a bottle once it has been pushed down on the injector.  Simplifies the bottling process by quickly and easily sanitizing all internal surfaces of the bottle.

This economy version features a smaller base unit, yet injects sanitizer and sits on top of our Stationary Trees just like our more expensive unit, B521.