EnoItalia Flexible Impeller Pump | Euro 60 | Must Pump | Self-Priming | Remote Control | Stainless Trolley Cart | 100 GPM | 3 in. T.C. | 230V



  • Self-priming must pump with variable flow control from 0 to 100 gallons per minute
  • Flexible rubber impeller gently pushes must and wine
  • Stainless steel pump head with 3" tri-clamp connections
  • Remote control operation with 30 ft. long cord
  • Stainless steel rolling cart
  • Made in Italy by EnoItalia

The Euro 60 Flexible Impeller pump is a 3" T.C. self-priming pump with a Stainless Steel head, controlled via a frequency inverter that allows for flow control from 0 - 100 gal / minute.  These units can be controlled via the remote control on a 30' cord, or from the control panel mounted on the pump itself.  Pumps are reversible, self-priming up to 15', and can be used with wine, juice, or must.   

The wheeled pump cart allows for easy movement and maneuverability around the winery or crushpad, and stainless steel construction insures that it'll survive through hectic wine seasons!  Completely food grade components have no impact on the quality of the wine, and a low shear value due to the larger TC fittings. 

This pump is a true all around winery pump because it can be used with must and wine. If you have a commercial crush pad with a larger destemmer crusher like a Jolly40 or above, and you process small berries, you will want to consider the Gamma 80 as it works better with dry fruit (lots of skin and not as much flesh).  However the Euro60 works well with most musts and then can be your work horse to move must and wine in the winery, making it a great value you can use year around.

Although the Euro 60 is self-priming, the pump should never be run dry.


  • Stainless steel head with flexible rubber impeller
  • Gear reduction for increased low speed torque
  • Stainless steel cart
  • Remote control 
  • Flow rate from 0 to 100 gpm
  • Flow is reversible
  • 3" Tri-Clover inlet and outlet
  • 4KW/5.3HP motor
  • Will work with 208v or 230v Single Phase Power
  • 14 amp draw
  • Recommended temperature range: 40 - 150°F (5 - 65°C)
  • Made by Enoitalia of Europe

Please note: the unit will arrive with a bare power cord. You will need an electrician to wire the appropriate plug.

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