FastOrange Yeast - Bouillon (12 x 250ml)

Cowboy Craft LLC





Pika FastOrange Yeast is a nutrient medium developed for the craft brewing and winemaking markets.  It will enrich and display the presence of both yeasts and mold, while suppressing bacteria growth.  This is a powerful tool allowing brewers to maintain and confirm cleanliness in the brewhouse, as well as confirm finished product quality.  Growth of yeast is indicated by turbidity and precipitation in the medium, and acid producing species are further identified by a color change in the medium.


FastOrange Yeast Broth can be used for any purpose, and can simply be diluted and added to whatever container is relevant for current testing.


  • Yeast growth visible within three days
  • Confirm sterility of finished product and eliminate burst risk
  • Selectively enrich yeasts for further propagation and brewing
  • Essential tool to confirm cleanliness of the brewery
  • 12x250ml containers