Fresh Roast SR-340 Coffee Roaster

Cowboy Craft LLC





We are pleased to introduce the new SR340 coffee Roaster. This new model has all of the same features and capacity as the SR300, but it has the addedfeature of fan speed control.The fan control resolves the biggest issue with the SR300, which is the inability to move heavy beans early in the roasting process, resulting in an uneven roast unless attended. This new models variable fan speed control allows for an even roast without your intervention. Similar to the SR500, only without the temperature select switch. We highly recommend this new roaster due to it's economical price point and ability to provide an even roast. Perfect for the new coffee roaster or for the roasting enthusiast, this quiet and efficient model is sure to please!

There are a couple of improvements from the original Fresh Roast Machine – the biggest two improvements are larger quantities roasted, and better roasting controls. The machine can handle 3.5-4.5oz of coffee, depending on the bean. (The quantity is just about perfect for a strong 12 cup French Press) In addition, there are heating, cooling, and time added/subtracted buttons. The roaster is still as fast as ever, taking about 6 minutes to roast a batch, with about 3 minutes of cooling tacked onto that. It’s also one of the quietest machines around – appropriate for inside use! The cracks are extremely easy to hear, making the machine ideal for those starting out roasting.

Please note: overall roasting time may vary depending on your household outlet's voltage rating, as well as the overall size, density and moisture content of the beans.