Icemaster 100 Glycol Chiller with Stainless Bulkheads

Cowboy Craft LLC





The IceMaster 100 is the perfect glycol chiller for small to medium volume beer makers. It offers high performance despite its compact size so it is well suited for jacketed fermenters and brite tanks.

This unit does not come with a pump. You must have a pump to move the glycol to your fermenter. If you need a pump, try our Glycol Pump Kit (GLY355)!  Up to four Glycol Pump Kits will work with one Icemaster allowing you to separately control the fermentation temperature of 4 tanks or fermenters. 


  • 30L / 8 Gallon Water Tank Capacity
  • 3/8 HP compressor
  • 950 Watt/3200btu Cooling Capacity
  • r134a Refrigerant
  • 110V
  • Includes 10 stainless bulkheads with 3/8" OD Barbs
  • Dimensions: 16.1 in x 16.1 in x 26 in
  • Wheels included


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