March Nano Brewery Pump - Stainless 115V

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Designed for the small 'Nano' commercial brewery where the H315 series is too small but you don't yet need a full on expensive professional brewery pump. The March Nano Brewery Pump –Stainless features a robust flow rate of 17 GPM with all the benefits brewers have come to expect from March magnetic drive pumps. Those features include the ability to throttle back flow and the use of food-grade materials where the beer is in contact with the pump.

*Please Note* - This pump must be taken apart and cleaned after every use to prevent the impeller from seizing. To do so, take the bolts out of the pump head, remove the pump head from the pump, then take the impeller shaft and actual impeller apart. Clean well, and reassemble.

Please note that the pump comes with a three foot cord WITHOUT a plug attached.

Statistics: Motor: 1/8HP 115v/60Hz

Max Flow: 17 G.P.M at zero head

Max Head: 27 ft. at 1 GPM

Inlet: 1" FPT

Outlet: 1/2" MPT

Pressure: Max. internal pressure is 200 psi

Temperature Range: 250F or 121.1C

Electrical: 115V 50/60HZ

HP: 0.125

KW: .093

Materials in Contact with Beer:

Polysulfone (Impeller)

Stainless Steel (Front and Rear Housing)

Buna N (O-Ring)

Ceramic (Thrust Washers)


Max. liquid temperature is 250F degrees

Max. internal pressure is 200 psi

It is illegal in Japan to produce beverages with an alcohol content of 1% or greater without an alcohol production license. For those who do not have this alcohol production license, please adjust the alcohol content to less than 1%.

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