MoreBeer! Pro Commercial Grain Mill



The MoreBeer! Pro mill is an industrial workhorse and the best value for a commercial mill on the market. It can process upwards of 2,000 lbs of grain per hour and features large diameter slotted stainless steel rollers for an excellent crush and long life. Differential speed rollers perform a shearing action on the grain kernels, rather than a brute force crush like typical grain mills. The hopper capacity is 45 lbs of grain and large adjustment wheels make for easy gap adjustments. Stainless steel construction throughout, and anchor holes in the feet allow the unit to be bolted to the ground.


  • Processing Speed: 1,700–2,200 lbs/hr
  • Hopper Capacity: 45 lbs
  • Voltage: 220V 3-phase motor
  • Power: 4 HP
  • Amperage: 13.6 amps
  • Mill Gap: 0.4mm - 2mm

Please note: the unit will arrive bare without a power cord, plug, or controls to power the motor on or off. You will need an electrician to wire the appropriate power cord and controls to the motor.

Please Note:  This unit REQUIRES 220V Three Phase power and will not function on anything else.   Please confirm that you have the proper power for this unit before purchasing, and plan to have a qualified electrician wire the necessary plug to the cord. This motor can be changed between 3 phase delta and 3 phase wye. Please consult an electrition to make sure it is configured corectly for your instalation.

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