Omega Yeast - Hornindal Kveik

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A wonderfully unique Norwegian farmstead kveik, Hornindal presents an intense, tropical flavor and aroma of fresh pineapple, mango and tangerine, which complement fruit-forward hops. Add even more dimension to “C” hops with a high fermentation temperature, intensifying aroma and fermentation speed. Though highly flocculent, it will leave beers slightly hazy. Ferments well at 90º F or higher (32° C or higher). Non-phenolic.
Attenuation: 75-82%
Flocculation: High
Alocohol Tolerance: 12% ABV
Optimum Fermentation Temp: 70-95°F

It is illegal in Japan to produce beverages with an alcohol content of 1% or greater without an alcohol production license. For those who do not have this alcohol production license, please adjust the alcohol content to less than 1%.

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コレクション: リキッド | Liquid, 酵母/Yeast, Ingredients, Omega, Products

カテゴリー: BMリキッド | LIQUID, Omega

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