Pin Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) Adjustable Pressure Valve W/Gauge



Relieves pressure while filtering from one keg to another plus allowing reading the pressure in the receiving keg.

Notes: You need to wind/unwind the end of the valve to adjust the pressure. It sometimes comes threaded all the way on from the manufacturer occasionally. Wrap a towel around the end piece(about 1/4 in) and clamp down on it while twisting the wrench fitting on the bottom(closest end to the Gas In QD) to loosen it. Then finger tighten or loosen to desired pressure.

コレクション: 圧力逃し弁 / PRB

カテゴリー: ブランド_BM, 自体_PRB, 規格_ピンロック, 規格_ワンタッチ(QD)

商品タイプ: バルブ