Pre-Chiller 25' x 1/2" Wort Chiller with Brass Fittings



If you live in a hot environment where the tap water never really gets cold, it may be helpful to pre-chill your water before you even begin chilling your wort. This Pre-Chiller is designed to help you do just that, bringing your tap water down to below the final target temperature for your wort. It uses an impressively simple process to do it, but you’ll find that this is an affordable and essential part of your brewing setup.

The Pre-Chiller is made up of 25 feet of copper tubing that is placed in a bucket of ice water. The in-flow is connected to the source of your tap water, while the other side is connected to your wort chiller. Once it’s all connected, you can quickly and efficiently cool your water before it even enters the wort chiller.

The Pre-Chiller is equipped with brass hose fittings that can be attached to any standard garden hose. It is designed to use with our 6 gallon buckets. 

25 feet of 1/2 inch copper tubing. Female Garden hose inlet, Male Garden hose outlet. Approx. 10" diameter, 7" to the top coil, 24" to the bend to go over the lip of the bucket.