Premium Jockey Box - 48 Qt. - 1 Faucet - 100' Coil - Red



Pour cold draft beer anywhere! Just add ice to our portable party coolers, and with CO2 you'll be effortlessly pouring cold beer all day. This 48-quart cooler has a fully-functional draft beer faucet and shank pre-assembled in its side. The 100 foot stainless steel jockey box coil should be kept in an ice bath to provide an ultimate refreshing experience with each effortless pour. Since the coils are made of stainless steel, they will not corrode over time if maintained and cleaned properly. The extra-long 100' design means that the beer takes longer to travel through the coils and there is more surface area for your beer to be cooled by the ice water bath, meaning your beer will be as cold as possible when it reaches your glass.


  • The best in purity-only 304-grade stainless steel touches the beverage
  • Single 100' coil for single keg dispensing
  • Ultratherm foam insulation in both the body and lid for superior cold retention
  • 95˚ hold open lid for easy access
  • Heavy-duty side handles with tie down loop for storing
  • Snap-lock child-safety latch
  • Recessed drain plug for easy draining of excess water


  • (1) premium quality 304-grade stainless steel faucet and high gloss black plastic faucet knob
  • 100' cooling coil, inlet, and outlet shanks are 304-grade stainless steel
  • Set-up and maintenance instructions

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