Standard Faucet - Polished Brass - Brass Lever



Whether dispensing from a kegerator or a large multi-tap commercial draft system, Standard Faucets are a great economical option for pouring a perfect pint of draft beer. These faucets connect directly to the shank or draft beer tower and include a 3/8 inch threaded lever that fits virtually any tap handle for easy operation.

Featuring a highly polished brass finish, this draft beer faucet tap will add character to either your bar/restaurant or home bar. Pouring beer is easy with this faucet! Simply pull the lever to start the flow of beer, then push it forward to stop. Screw on your favorite tap handle to finish the look. For professional commercial use or your home bar.


  • Economical draft beer faucet
  • Highly polished brass finish
  • Body and lever made of brass, and easy to use with quick handle action
  • Faucet fits U.S. specification knobs and shanks
  • Made in the USA