Temp and Float Control Box - Original

Cowboy Craft LLC





This is the pre 2016 Float Control Box. It is functionally identical to the current model, but comes with a a pre 2016 Ranco Controller. For the most recent model please see BE291.

Make your own smart all-grain system. Controls the pump in a HERMS loop and then controls the pump during sparge via the included float switch.A HERMS loop is when you place a copper coil in your hot-liquor tank. You then pump wort out of your mashtun and through the copper coil to genlty maintain and raise mash temperatures.

To control mash temperature, plug the included temperature sensor into your mash tun thermowell (we also sell weldless thermowells) and the controller will shut off your pump when the recirculating mash temperature has reached your set point.

To control the sparge, plug the pump into the float outlet on the Graham box and place the included float switch into the mash tun during your sparge cycle. When the water level gets below the float switch, the pump turns on and feeds the sparge water into the mash tun.

You can even use the Temp and Float Control Box to control a refrigerator for fermentation by placing the temperature probe into your refrigerator and plugging your refrigerator into the Temp outlet.

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