The TrübTrapper

Cowboy Craft LLC





The TrübTrapper sits in the boil kettle and filters the break material and pelletized hops from your wort. All you have to do is include a whirlpool step post-boil. If not filtered out the break material will dissolve back into the beer. This break material can adversely affect fermentation and produce off flavors in your finished beer.

To use: Insert the TrübTrapper into your boil kettle before the boil is started. The silicone ring will hold the TrübTrapper in place, and will withstand temperatures up to 600°F. After the boil run a whirlpool for approximately 10 minutes, then let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Draw the liquid off via the spigot. When the level of the liquid gets to the level of the TrübTrapper, slow the flow so the the liquid level in the TrubTrapper is the same as the level of liquid oin the kettle.

To clean: Back flush the TrübTrapper with warm or hot water until it is visually clean. Then soak or CIP with a cleaning solution.

Pair with the Big Dipper from Hastings Brew Works for a complete whirlpool add on package.

9" Diameter x 2.7" Height. Sized for 10 & 15 gallon kettles.