Vertical Stand for Foil Spinners

Cowboy Craft LLC



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A vertical stand with lever operation for Foil Spinners. Did you purchase a benchtop foil spinner only to find it difficult to work with? Do you have a bruise on your hip from supporting bottle after bottle at the end of the day? Are you ruining more foils than you'd like to from mis-feeds? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is just the product you've been waiting for!

Mounting your Foil Spinner vertically makes the application of foils faster, easier and more accurate. Simply adjust the bottle seat to the right length depending on the diameter of your bottle and adjust the spinner height so that when you pull the lever down the rollers completely cover the foil and you're good to go!

Our stand should work with most spinners available, but please double check the bolt pattern shown below against the plate on the bottom of your spinner or the footings on the motor. You will need to source your own bolts for attaching to the stand, as the size, pitch and depth of the hole in your motor/mounting plate will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Bolt Holes are spaced 90mm W x 110mm H
  • Shaft Height: 900mm

*Please Note: The drawing at the right shows the stand with a spinner mounted to it. This SKU is to purchase the stand by itself. If you would like to purchase a vertically mounted complete unit, please see W650 - Upright Foil Spinner.