Vinmetrica SC-200 pH and TA Analyzer Kit

Cowboy Craft LLC





Vinmetrica’s SC-200 Measures pH and TA (Titratable Acidity) levels in wines easily, accurately and quickly. Knowing your pH and your TA parameters is essential during the winemaking process to insure making high quality wines.

The SC-200 analyzer gives accurate pH and TA values. Kit includes everything to perform about 30 tests: electrode, all reagents, pipettes, syringe and beaker.

Top 5 Reasons Why Vinmetrica’s SC-200 Is the Right Choice

Easy to Use – Its audible buzzer and visual stop light indicators let you know when you’re done titrating.
Accurate – For TA: ±0.2 g/L Tartaric acid & for pH: better than ± 0.02 pH units.
Quick Results – Less than 2 minutes per TA test & even quicker for a pH test.
Quick pH Calibration – Takes about 2 minutes, & only needs to be done once per day.
Inexpensive – About a dollar per test!

Complete Kit Includes Everything You Need for Your First 30 pH/TA Tests

  • pH/TA reagents
  • Titration beaker
  • 5 mL syringe
  • pH electrode
  • 5 mL sampling pipette
  • The SC-200 Operating Manual
Simple pH Procedure
  • Attach the pH electrode and press the ‘Power’ button
  • Press the ‘Mode’ button and switch into ‘Cal’ mode.
  • Set aside the storage solution, rinse with DI water and blot gently with a paper towel.
  • Calibrate with the pH 4 & 7 reference solutions. Press enter when the ‘Cal’ LED flashes. Put into ‘pH’ mode.
  • Take 5 mL sample of wine, place in a beaker. Take a pH reading.
  • Accurate TA Test
    1. For TA test, withdraw 5 mL of the TA Titrant with the syringe.
    2. Take 5 mL wine sample and add ~15 mL of deionized water.
    3. Put SC-200 into TA mode, place clean pH electrode gently in solution.
    4. Add TA Titrant dropwise until the endpoint is reached with the visual and audible signals. Record the volume (in mL) of titrant used.
    5. Multiply the titration volume by 2, the TA conversion factor, results in g/L Tartaric Acid.