XpressFill Level Filler - 2 Spout Gas Flush Option

Cowboy Craft LLC





The Gas Flush option for the WE665 Level Filler from XpressFill is an optional feature that can be purchased at the same time as the filler. This option allows you to connect your nitrogen or argon tank (not included) directly to the filler. When a bottle is placed on the filler it is automatically sparged with inert gas, then filled. There are no extra buttons to push or levers to flip and no table-top system for bottle flushing is needed.

This option is only for the XpressFill Level Filler model WE665.

コレクション: ボトリング関係, 瓶詰・フィラー, エクスポート用, Products

カテゴリー: Bottling Supplies

商品タイプ: 瓶詰・フィラー