Xpress Fill Level Filler - 4 Spout Variable Flow Rate Option

Cowboy Craft LLC





The Variable Flow Control Option for the WE667 Level Filler from XpressFill is an optional feature that can be purchased at the same time as the filler. This option allows you to speed up or slow down the rate at which the bottles are filled based on the needs/capabilities of your production line, as well as those of your product. This option also boosts the fill rate to just shy of a whopping 800 bottles per hour! Features special fill nozzles to eliminate foaming of the wine as it is filled to reduce oxidation and the amount of time that the filler is recovering from foaming and performing top off.

This option is only for the XpressFill Level Filler model WE667.

コレクション: ボトリング関係, 瓶詰・フィラー, エクスポート用, Products

カテゴリー: Bottling Supplies

商品タイプ: 瓶詰・フィラー