Yeast (Liquid) - Wyeast (Pediococcus)

Cowboy Craft LLC



SHIPPING NOTE: We recommend placing bacterial culture orders early in the week, with a 1 or 2 day service. If you have questions about your transit time, or how to best plan an order containing liquid bacteria, please contact our customer service department. 
Liquid bacterial cultures are perishable, viability can be reduced if not shipped under ideal conditions. We recommend that customers plan their orders so that shipments arrive within 2 days, and are not in transit over the weekend. We are not able to modify or delay orders with liquid bacteria, we will ship them as requested by the customer.

コレクション: リキッド | Liquid, 酵母/Yeast, Ingredients, Products, Wyeast

カテゴリー: BMリキッド | LIQUID, Wyeast

商品タイプ: リキッド/Liquid