3" Column - Black ABS Plastic - Air Cooled - 1 Faucet



Serve up your best brews with this Black ABS Plastic Single Faucet Draft Tower. Great for replacing an existing tap tower on your bar or kegerator, this tap tower is air-cooled to keep beer chilled to perfection, while its durable ABS column offers excellent insulation and temperature retention. This model features an unmistakable 3" column design, which is the most common tower configuration for beer keg dispensing in the industry. And thanks to its air-cooled configuration that keeps the hoses chilled inside of the tower, your beer is sure to dispense at the perfect serving temperature from the first pour to the last!

The tower ships with a variety of extras that make installation a breeze, including a 5' x 3/16" hose that is brewery-approved so you can be confident they won't be damaged by normal cleaning products like some others on the market. The faucet comes with a PTFE lever washer for smooth, consistent performance and simple operation, a solid brass faucet lever, and a chrome-plated bonnet, shaft, and collar. To save you a trip to the hardware store, it even comes with a mounting gasket and other mounting hardware! Additionally, it's 9-1/4" faucet height easily accommodates most glasses.


  • 3" diameter column
  • Black ABS plastic column
  • (1) chrome-plated brass faucet, high gloss black plastic tap handle
  • 9-1/4" faucet clearance
  • NSF certified
  • Made in the USA


  • Preassembled 5' long brewery approved beer hose, that is unaffected by normal cleaning chemicals, with a hex nut and neoprene washer on one end for connecting to keg coupler
  • Premium quality chrome plated solid brass beer faucet with a chrome-plated forged brass body, a PTFE lever washer for smooth consistent performance and easy operation, a solid brass faucet lever, and a chrome-plated bonnet, shaft, and collar
  • High gloss black plastic tap handle
  • Mounting gasket and mounting hardware


  • Height: 12-1/4"
  • Diameter: 3"
  • Faucet Height: 9-1/4"