30 Qt. Coil Cooler - 1 Faucet - Red



Pour cold draft beer anywhere! Just add ice to our portable party cooler. A jockey box utilizes CO2 to effortlessly pour cold beer. This compact jockey box is perfect for a small event where only (1) keg will be dispensed. This insulated jockey box uses coil dispensing so that your beer stays completely immersed in an ice water bath as it is poured, continually dispensing it at a cold 36 to 38˚F.

This cooler includes (1) chrome-plated brass faucet with a 5/16" keg connection and 50 ft. coil so you have a steady supply of your most popular beer, and it is fully insulated to ensure the ice and water bath stays at a pleasant chill. Two heavy-duty side handles with tie-down loops allow for easy movement and simple storage, and snap-lock child safety latches help prevent tampering. For fast cleaning, a recessed drain plug in the bottom of the cooler siphons out water. Includes faucet, knob, shank, and ice box coupler assembly.


  • For (1) keg dispensing.
  • (1) 50' coil for single keg dispensing.
  • Ultratherm foam insulation in both the body and lid for superior cold retention.
  • Lift-off lid for easy access.
  • Molded in-place side handles.
  • Compact size for transport and storage.
  • Includes faucet, knob, shank, and ice box coupler assembly.

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