Coffee Tower - 14" Tall - 4" Column - 2 Faucets - 304 Stainless Steel - Air Cooled



Our 4" column dual-tap coffee draft tower is specifically designed for dispensing nitro and cold brew coffee. The 14" tower height allows larger glasses to be used as the spout with stout faucets sticks down further than a standard faucet. This tower features a premium 304-grade stainless steel shank, stout faucet and our exclusive Barriermaster Flavourlock™ tubing, which is ideal for serving cold brew coffee on draft.


  • 4" column polished stainless steel tower – won't pit or chip like chrome
  • 14" tower height
  • (2) Premium quality 304-grade polished stainless stout faucets and shanks
  • 5' Barriermaster Flavourlock™ tubing
  • Mounting gaskets and mounting hardware
  • Remove the restrictor disc on the stout faucet to pour still cold brew coffee
  • NSF certified
  • Tap handles not included (order separately)

NOTE: With any high acidic beverage it is strongly advised that fittings be 304-grade stainless steel to ensure the no off-tastes and flavor is not impaired. Barriermaster Flavourlock™ tubing ensures product taste and quality and eliminates O2 ingress into the beverage tube that could promote bacteria growth and off-taste.

USAGE TIP: DO NOT pull faucet handle more than 45 degrees when pouring. Doing so will cause the internal diaphragm to fail and result in a permanent leak. For a leaking faucet, order replacement diaphragm, part number 100-268 for repair.