Creamer Faucet - Black Plastic - Chrome Plated Brass



Serve draft beer with the perfect amount of head with this creamer faucet. To start dispensing beer, pull the lever forward. When you’re ready to top off your pour, push the lever all the way back to initiate the creamer mechanism that delivers a frothy head to your glass.


  • Creamer action handle: pull forward to pour, push back to finish with a creamy head
  • Creamer faucet allows you to whip air into your beer when you push back on the lever, letting you create a creamy head at the end of your pour
  • Not intended for stouts or nitrogenous beers
  • Black plastic and chrome plated brass finish
  • Stainless steel lever is more durable than brass when used with tall, heavy handles
  • Faucet fits U.S. specification knobs and shanks
  • Made in the USA