DebiTap Nitro Faucet - Flow Control - 304 Stainless Steel



Add European styling to any tower with this flow control nitro Debitap style faucet. Made of all 304-grade stainless steel contact, this faucet is trouble-free, and has the ability to adjust the flow to the desired pour rate. Excellent for dispensing nitro style beers, but with the removable creamer plate you can dispense of wine, cider, water, coffee and cocktails.


  • Nitro DebiTap style
  • Constructed of durable 304-grade stainless steel
  • Most hygienic internal surface finish in the industry
  • Innovative trouble free rotary valve faucet
  • Easy pouring action
  • Removable black food grade plastic 0.3 creamer plate
  • Removable black food grade plastic nozzle

NOTE: Available with a custom order finish like Candy Copper, Penny Vein, etc. Also available with custom 1/2" rear thread or 5/8" rear thread rather than a USA spline. Can be used with nitro beers and coffees as is. Removal of creamer plate and it can be used for ales, lagers, wines, ciders, soda, carbonated water, water, juices, cold coffees and liquors. As this faucet has no vent it can be used with high pressures reaching up to 90 PSI if needed.